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HACO Innovation Lab 

Food is our passion

We are working on ensuring that the future becomes present


sustainable, without compromise


with the mission to improve...

...along the entire value chain


Food production is in the center of the value chain. It is upstream of trade, gastronomy and the brand world - at the same time it cooperates closely with raw material suppliers. This is an ideal starting position to play a pioneering role in sustainable improvement along the value chain of our food. 


The Haco Innovation Lab is part of HACO Holding, an international group of medium-sized food manufacturers. Thanks to continuous innovation and a pioneering spirit, the HACO Group has developed since 1922 into what it is today: a manufacturer of high-quality food products with immense technological know-how!

In this way, we support innovative food projects and start-ups where it really matters. 



Our work focuses on 6 key areas: 


Plant based protein sources

Already today, animal production uses 77% of the world's agricultural land and 23% of water. By 2050, almost 10 billion people will live on our planet, and meat consumption will continue to increase. There is an urgent need for alternative sources of protein and tasty plant based products. 


Health & Wellnes

Consumers are increasingly looking for products and services that enhance their well-being and health. This applies to a holistic, healthy life: physical, mental, social. We look for solutions that make our products healthier, be it innovative concepts to reduce sugar and salt or novel functional ingredients. 

Sustainable production and packaging 

Increasing shortages of resources, environmental pollution and climate change require solutions in order to feed people in a sustainable way. We are looking for resource-friendly technologies and sustainable packaging concepts.  

new routes to market

New routes to market

The good new world of digital distribution channels.
Your personal muesli bar recipe in subscription mail order? Factory outlet sales via the Internet? We admit, B2B is always lagging behind. But now we're coming all the more deliberately.

convenience & DIY

Convenience 2.0

In order to meet the consumers' premium expectations in the on-demand age, a new generation of Convenience products is emerging: fresher, healthier, more individual. We develop solutions to offer consumers just that. 

next generation food & drinks

Next generation food & drinks

The ultimate superfood bar? Incredible taste combinations of sauces, spices and dips? Or rather, never-before-seen functionalities for coffee and tea? - There are no limits.


The Haco Innovation Lab supports passion for food! - Our mission is to support entrepreneurs with new ideas and innovative technologies. We do this in different ways: 


Collaborate with

Start Ups 

We cooperate with innovative FoodTech and IngredientTech startups to help them succeed. Thanks to the extensive process know-how of the Haco Group, we can support start-ups in industrial scale-up, process development or quality assurance. Whether Prof of Concepts, partnerships or scale-up support, the cooperation can be versatile and depends on the individual needs of the start-ups. We look forward to hearing from you!

Innovationen validieren und gründen

Validate and Build 

We analyse global trends and explore the changing food landscape. We ask questions like:  What & how will we eat in the future? How can we ensure a sustainable and ethical food supply? 

As a result, we validate ideas, develop and test new business models.


Through the HACO Innovation Fund, we also support start-ups financially. We focus on strategic investments within the framework of a collaboration and not on pure investments.  
Does your topic fit into one of our focus areas and you think that we could support you in this?- Contact us


We maintain a close cooperation with the companies of the HACO Group. This means immense know-how and endless possibilities.

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Diego Bally

Stiftungsrat Innovationsstiftung HACO (InHa!)

Ivonne Blossfeld

Innovation Scout HACO Innovation Lab (H!L)


Mario Heini

Stiftungsrat Innovationsstiftung HACO (InHa!)


Christian Kaufmann-Stern

Scale-up Manager Snacks - HACO Innovation Lab (H!L)

Dr. Markus Kähr

Stiftungsrat Innovationsstiftung HACO (InHa!)

Axel Kramer

Innovation Manager HACO Innovation Lab (H!L)

Dr. Emanuel Marti

Präsident Innovationsstiftung HACO (InHa!)

Marcin Niedzielski

Geschäftsführer HACO Innovation Lab (H!L)


Katarina Kirsch

Head of Haco Innovation Lab 

HACO Innovation Lab (H!L)


Christin Butty

Food Innovator 
HACO Innovation Lab (H!L)

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Food Marketer
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Diego Bally

Board Member 

Innovation Foundation  HACO (InHa!)


Mario Heini

Board Member Innovation Foundation HACO (InHa!)


Dr. Markus Kähr

Boar Member

Innovation Foundation

 HACO (InHa!)


Dr. Emanuel Marti


Innovation Foundation HACO (InHa!)



Haco Innovation Lab, 

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